Faith-Based Institutions

Institutions can align their faith with their finances, while potentially achieving market-rate returns.

For centuries, faith-based institutions have carefully integrated important religious tenets into the management of their financial assets. To achieve this goal in today’s complex world requires a consultant who has developed skills and collaborative processes to guide you and your investment committee on a journey of exploration and goal-setting. Graystone Consulting is a leader in faith-based investing, helping our clients build investment policies and programs that reflect their unique values and faith-oriented considerations including restriction screening, sustainable and impact investing as well as more proactive thematic exposure. Over time, we have built an intentional approach to understanding the unique financial and missional goals of your organization. Such a process must be supported by consulting professionals who will take the time to listen and have experience in building client-focused investment solutions that seek to generate both competitive financial returns, while also creating positive impact to support and amplify the mission of the organization.  We recognize that there is no “one size fits all” approach to faith-based investing: that each client is unique. Our dynamic approach enables us to examine all pools of capital and provide the critical insights necessary to align your mission with your investment portfolio and generate positive impact. We also have the tools to measure results beyond financial performance, specifically how your investments are aligned with your unique set of impact objectives and making a real difference in the world.

Faith-Based and Mission-Aligned Institutions

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1 As of December 31, 2017. Source: Consulting Group

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